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Swensons – Home of the Galley Boy

I have a client in Canton, OH so I wind up in the Akron/Canton area three or four times a year. The area isn’t exactly what I would call a culinary hotbed, but it’s always a fun challenge to find something interesting to eat while I’m out here.

So far, the moderately famous Barberton fried chicken has been my favorite option (and why not…it’s chicken fried in lard).  I wasn’t in the mood for fried chicken tonight, so I decided to have a burger.

Swensons is a local chain of drive-in restaurants specializing in something called a Galley Boy. A Galley Boy is a double cheeseburger (thin, diner style patties) with two (count them, two!) special sauces. I ordered one with fries, and there it is below hanging out the window of my rented Toyota.

It was a solid burger. The meat was decently seasoned, and the bun was a little “crustier” than a typical hamburger bun. I’m not sure what the special sauces were, but I’m pretty sure mayo played a prominent role in one if not both. I have no idea why they stuck an olive in the top.

The real attraction of this place may be something other than the food though. It’s hard for me to express the sense of Americana I got eating here. Ridiculously friendly carhops, a pickup truck with a bed full of teenagers eating burgers…the only thing missing was a fire truck with a dalmatian riding shotgun. Business travel can be aggravating, but at the same time it’s good to get away from the Big City every so often.

Swensons Drive In

Multiple locations, but I went to:

40 S. Hawkins Avenue

Akron, OH 44313