Stuff I Liked, and Didn’t Like, in 2013

2013 is at a close. We laughed, we cried, we made fun of Eater, we made fun of Michelin. It’s impossible for me to come up with any sort of top ten list, so here’s a bunch of stuff that I liked (and didn’t like) in 2013.

Stuff I Liked

  • Damn near everything I ate at Vera
  • All things Brendan Sodikoff
  • Finally trying actual food cooked by Brandon Baltzley
  • Grace (even when they’re not making me chicken soup)
  • Next: The Hunt and Bocouse
  • Telegraph’s Sicily wine dinner
  • The continued push, focus, and excellence of Arami
  • The return of BK Park
  • The glorious insanity of Eataly
  • The quiet excellence of Sumi Robata Bar
  • Eating poke (lots of poke) in Kauai
  • The Dutch and Del Posto over Thanksgiving
  • Ceviche and chicken at Tanta
  • Early morning breakfast tortas at Torta Frontera
  • Mortadella pizza at Coalfire, troisi pizza at Pizzeria da Nella
  • Senza getting a Michelin star
  • Seeing Nick Kokonas get confused for a server at The Aviary
  • The solidification of Twitter as the primary source for relevant restaurant news, discussion, and criticism

Stuff I Didn’t Like

  • Manufactured hype
  • Manufactured hype
  • Next: The general customer-facing experience
  • Getting in internet fights over food
  • My most recent meal at Avec
  • The continued popularity of mediocre Japanese food in Chicago
  • Sun Wah being revealed to be juuuust a bit too dirty for my tastes
  • Eater pretending to be OpenTable
  • Judging one level of food to be more worthy of discussion than another (the old high end vs. low end debate)
  • Automatic slobbering over anything involving bacon
  • Automatic slobbering over any sort of protein wrapped in bacon
  • Automatic slobbering over any sort of protein wrapped in bacon and then fried
  • Stupid burgers
  • The food wasteland that is Terminal 2 at O’Hare
  • This thing

I think that about wraps it up. To all of you who have taken the time to read my nonsense, I thank you. A happy and safe New Year to all, and here’s to an even better 2014!



4 thoughts on “Stuff I Liked, and Didn’t Like, in 2013

  1. Michael Gebert

    We had to fly out of Terminal 2 to Kansas– for some reason those flights always end up in the Siberia of E and F– but honestly, it’s not at all hard or far to walk to Terminal 1 and get your Tortas Fronteras, I can say from recent experience.

    1. jesteinf Post author

      I always have it in my head to do that, but the problem is that I’m usually cutting it juuuust close enough where I don’t want to risk the walk from Terminal 1 (or 3 for that matter).

    1. jesteinf Post author

      I think it’s really anything beyond actually eating there. Even putting aside the reservation process, I didn’t think it was cool that they basically blew us off when we tried to get a drink at The Aviary after our last meal there.


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