Flub a Dub Chub’s – Go for the Burgers

We first heard about Flub a Dub Chub’s from Chicago Magazine’s 2009 Best Burgers list. I checked it out on my own one day and was immediately charmed by the place. It’s below street level (right next to Chilam Bilam), the walls are adorned with children’s drawings and pictures of people who have dared to put ketchup on a hot dog, and it’s family-run.

At any given time you’re likely to find a family member working the register taking orders, and all of them are as nice as can be. Eating at Flub a Dub’s is actually a little like going over to their house to eat, right down to the TV remote that’s usually sitting on one of the tables that anyone can pick up and use.

Now, the food. Get a burger. Let me say that again. Get. A. Burger. They have a whole list of hot dogs and other things. Maybe they’re good, I wouldn’t know. This was the source of one of my more frustrating interactions on LTH. After talking up the burgers as much as I could, people would go order hot dogs and complain about them. I would say “you should really go try the burger”. Then the thread would go dormant only to have someone pop up and say “so, how are the hot dogs?”. Sigh. Maybe the hot dogs are terrible. I have no idea. But I do know that the burgers are fantastic.

My usual order is the Roe (named for the family matriarch, a school teacher when not at the restaurant). The Flub a Dub patty is decently thick (this is not a 30s style griddle burger) that’s char grilled and nicely seasoned. The Roe is topped with cheddar, bacon, and avocado. Like all of their burgers it’s served on a pretzel bun. Unlike Kuma’s (now with an outpost not too far from Flub a Dubs), the burgers are manageable and are actually cooked to order most of the time. Their fries are well cooked and seasoned food service fries, but again, focus on your burger.

I still don’t think Flub a Dub’s gets the attention it deserves. I have no idea why. But I love it, and it’s certainly one of my favorite burgers in town.

Flub a Dub Chub’s
3021 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL 60657


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