Where I’m Eating

So, here’s a list of places that I currently like to eat. When people ask for restaurant recommendations, these are the places I give them:

Fine dining – Alinea, TRU, Grace

Sushi – Arami

Randolph Street area – Vera, Avec, La Sirena Clandestina, Province (a place that I think has always been underrated), Publican

My neighborhood places – Crisp, Pastoral/Bar Pastoral, Del Seoul, Fish Bar

Pizza – Pequod’s for deep dish, Cafe Luigi or Armitage Pizzeria for NY style, Pizzeria da Nella for Neapolitan. My favorite overall though is Coalfire (specifically their mortadella pizza)

Chinatown – Lao Hunan, Lao Sze Chuan, “Little” Three Happiness (though this is mainly to indulge my wife’s love of their rice noodles with beef & broccoli)

Tacos – La Lagartija

Loop lunch – Hannah’s Bretzel, Cafecito, Ba Le, Benjyehuda, Taza,¬†Pollito’s

All the rest – Anteprima, The Florentine, Sable, Senza, Maude’s Liquor Bar, The Bristol, Taxim


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